At Pools By Design, we consider reinforced sprayed concrete pools to be the crème de la crème in pool construction and here are some of the reasons why we only use concrete.



Unlike fiberglass pools which come pre-fabricated direct from the factory in specific moulds, concrete pools have the advantage of being custom-built to almost any size, shape, depth and design. This flexibility allows you to design a pool that matches the decor of your home and landscape, meets all of the usage needs of you and your family, and perfectly fits within your available space.


Dream Pool Status

When designing your dream pool, you should have the freedom to boast all the additional features you desire. Waterfalls and fountains, steps and ledges for seats within the water, jets to create a beautiful flow, lights within the structure of the pool for special lighting effects, and best of all - the option of an attached spa. These types of additional features can make your custom-built concrete pool something truly distinctive and special.


Durable and Long-lasting

Concrete pools are highly permanent and this permanence also attests to its durability and longevity. The durability of concrete far surpasses that of fiberglass and vinyl. Not only will your concrete pool last longer and maintain better than a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, but it will withstand the rigours of harsh conditions and climates far better than its counterparts. Nothing has the staying power for pool construction like concrete, making it the smarter investment for your property.