Pools By Design specialise in the application of PebbleFina®, Quartzon® and marble plaster on the surface of all our concrete pools. Below is a guide to some of the available colours in the PebbleFina and Quartzon range.

Please be aware that pool colours will vary from different mediums and in different settings so the colours on the following chart should be used only as a guide.


Made from PebbleTec®'s smallest natural pebbles, PebbleFina delivers the smoothest aggregate finish available. This exclusive product line is enriched with additives that provide superior strength with increased density and long-lasting durability with resistance to etching caused by fluctuations in water chemistry over a traditional pool finish.


Quartzon is a unique pool render with a range of exquisite colours that create stunning visual effects in pool water. It is the cleaner, richer colours and intense light reflections that make Quartzon so different from other pool surfaces. 

Marble plaster

Marble plaster is one of the most popular finishes for concrete pools. This pool render comprises a mixture of super-white cement and a coarse marble aggregate, with very few fine particles which produces a flawless white surface in your swimming pool.