Concrete Pools - Benefits and Advantages


Welcome to Pools By Design's brand new blog!

Here we will be writing about concrete pool construction, some current active projects that we are in the middle of developing for our customers, as well as general industry information. In our first post here we will be touching on the advantages of building a concrete pool as they are our specialty.

Concrete pools aren't limited at all when it comes to shape, sizes, colour variations and other options. The options you have with a concrete pool are basically limitless.

You won't be limited to moulds, there isn't any need to replace liners, and if you use a reinforced sprayed concrete shell then your pool will be able to last multiple generations (Assuming you keep the water chemistry correct of course!)

Concrete swimming pools are optimal when you're dealing with a restricted area in which you need to place or position your pool, or when constructing on a difficult or sloped site.

Concrete pools will also have a far greater life cycle than the other types of pools, and when built properly they won't rot, blister or rust. You are able to be more creative in both style and shape with concrete pools, and there's a huge selection of colour finishes to choose from.

Whatever you have in mind for your dream concrete pool, we at Pools by Design are here to help make it a reality. If you are looking at developing a Concrete Pool in Auckland, get in touch today.